Kobe Bryant’s Epoca – The Tree of Ecrof novel, released 81-days after his birthday, 75-days before his death

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Kobe Bryant’s book, Epoca – The Tree of Ecrof, has a cover that reminds of Kabbalah and it’s Tree of Life, which has a light half and a dark half.  The dark half is known as the Qliphoth.

The book released November 12, 81-days after Kobe Bryant’s 41st birthday.

Kobe died 75-days after the release of the book.

I have a feeling Kobe was tying to share the secret of what is taking place with the farming of athletes in this children’s book.

Notice, the male character’s name is ‘Rovi’.

The female character is Pretia.

Male?  Female?  Boule?  Baphomet system?  The GOAT?

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