Lakers-Celtics game has stopped clock at 2:24, with a score of 81-81, February 23, 2020

Murder by Numbers Sports

This happened Sunday, February 23, 2020, the day before the Kobe Bean Bryant Memorial on 2/24.  Notice the score is 81-81, with 2:24 on the clock as they stop time.

The game was played on the 54th day of the year.

The Lakers would score another 33-points from there, to win the game.  Consider the Lakers and Celtics have 33 combined championships.  Also LeBron James would put in the winning basket, to give the team 114 total points and the W.

*King James birthday is June 19.  *619, 114th prime

As for the 33-more points…

*James = 223 (Jewish Gematria) *2/23 date of game

Lakers kept the Celtics on 161-wins vs Lakers, by beating them in Los Angeles.

Tatum of the Lakers, who trained with Kobe, scored 41.