LeBron James to pass Kobe Bryant in NBA points scored, in Philadelphia, January 25, 2020


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The Lakers play the 76ers twice per season, thus there is a 2 in 82 (1 in 41) chance of LeBron James being able to pass the Philadelphia born Kobe Bryant in Philadelphia, which is the exact opportunity he has tonight.  Of course, this is because the league is a script, and it is no different than Drew Brees of the Saints beating Peyton Manning’s records against the Colts, a team they play once every 4 seasons.  Again and again, milestones like this come in sports for star players, with a monster coincidence attached.

Today is Bryant’s 156th day of his age.

The January 25 milestone will come 26-days after LeBron’s birthday, on 1/25.

1/25 = 1+25 = 26

Read my book to understand the significance of 26 (it is the first chapter):


Today’s date can also be written 25/1, like 251, the 54th prime.

Today’s date also has 66 numerology.

1/25/2020 = 1+25+20+20 = 66

And notice Kobe Bryant is 41-years-old, while ‘King’ LeBron passes him, playing for the LA Lakers.

And for one last point, they’re both in the 33k range, and LeBron is set to move into 3rd place.


Kobe Bryant:

LeBron James:


*Today is 131-days before the start date of the NBA Finals, June 4, 2020