Lil Wayne’s Funeral album, the same day as Remembering Kobe Bryant Game & Damian Lillard’s huge performance +Japan’s 126th Emperor & the founding of the city of Kobe

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There’s a reason Lil Wayne’s Funeral album released on January 31, or 1/31, like 131…

Notice 131 is the 32nd prime, and ‘Funeral’ sums to 32.

What is 8+24?  32…

Lil Wayne’s new album has 24 tracks, and the 8th track has 24 seconds of silence in tribute to Kobe…

Think about it, Lil Wayne’s album funeral released on January 31, 2020, the same day Kobe was remembered at the Staples Center… with 8s and 24s everywhere, two numbers that sum to 32, and the two numbers that Kobe wore.  This ritual came 126-days after Wayne’s birthday, and of course, Kobe and his daughter reportedly died January 26, or 1/26.

Recall, the helicopter pilot’s initials were A.Z., or 1.26, and that Bear Bryant, the football coach, died January 26, 1983.

And in light of Kobe being a name associated with Japan, keep in mind Japan currently has its 126th emperor…

Naruhito = 47 (Kobe’s chopper crashed at 9:47) *Legend = 47

…and Kobe, Japan was founded on April 1, or 4/1, like 41, the Kobe passed at, in the massive 41 ritual that we have well covered.

Since Kobe was founded April 1, 1889, that means April 1 of 2020 it will turn 131-years-old, similar to how Lil Wayne’s funeral album released January 31, or 1/31, the same day Kobe was remembered.

Coming back to Lil Wayne’s song 8 title, notice how Bing James goes with King James, and of course, LeBron, aka King James, passed Kobe in his hometown, Philly, the day before Kobe’s reported death.

Let us not forget the real King James died at age 58, unexpectedly, and was Freemason and Rosicrucian.  I bring this up because Kobe’s supposed death came 271-days after Emperor Naruhito took office, May 1, 2019, and 271 is the 58th prime.

Remember, King James has a Bible named after him, and all this knowledge is Biblical, like how Kobe fell to 4th in scoring, similar to the 4 letter name of God, YHWH, which sums to 26 in English and in Hebrew, like ‘Bryant’, and like how he died on 26th, one day after LeBron passed him, which came 26-days after LeBron’s 35th birthday (King James = 35).

*YHWH is the ‘Tetragrammaton’.

*Tetragrammaton is YHWH.

Remember, Bear Bryant died January 26, 1983, 37-years before Kobe.  

*Bryant = 37 *Kobe Bryant = 157 (37th prime)

*Lil Wayne is 37-years-old

Now coming back to Lil Wayne, his birthday is September 27, 1982, born on the Society of Jesus’ foundation date.

In light of the Society of Jesus connection, keep in mind this is the 74th NBA season.

Think about Jesus on the cross at age 33.

His high school paid tribute with 33 seconds (he wore #33 there as well).

The 76ers and Warriors paid tribute with 33 seconds as well.  Of course Kobe is from Philly, like the Warriors originally, and his father Jellybean played for both teams.

Remember, Kobe died 266-days (38 weeks) after his wife’s birthday, and we are in the time of the 266th Pope, the first Jesuit Pope.  Kobe’s death also came on Pope Francis’ 41st day of his age.

*Lil Wayne = 38; *Death = 38

Now think about how some Jews write God, G-d.  G is the 7th letter, D is the 4th.

G = 7

D = 4

74th NBA season

Remember, when LeBron passed Kobe, the 76ers were on 74 points, and the Lakers passed with the 54th points of the game.

The Society of Jesus goes by the name ‘Jesuit Order’.

And remember, the Gregorian Calendar, which is based on the Solar Cycle, was created by the Catholic Church, which is connected to the Jesuits.  *Gregorian = 58; Calendar = 58


Kobe was picked in Round 1, 13th overall.

Kobe debuted in the NBA November 3, or 11/3.

*Michael Jordan = 113; Dear Basketball = 113; Utah Jazz = 113 (Who he played last)

*The National Basketball Association = 113


Kobe died at 41, 41-days after JoAnn Buss, and a span of 41-days before Shaq’s birthday.  When he scored 81 points, the rest of his team scored 41, for a combined 122; and in his last game, when he scored 60, the rest of his team scored 41, finishing with 101 total points.  

*Philadelphia = 101 (26th prime)

They also reported Kobe’s chopper took off at 9:06 and crashed at 9:47, 41-minutes later.  The name of the pilot even sums to 41, as we covered.  And Alicia Keys, a name summing to 41, remembered Kobe at the Grammy’s the same day.


Kobe died on his 157th day of his age… and this… *read the top of the movie poster.

Lakers lost on the road, at Philly, the day before Kobe died….

The Lakers play at the Staples Center, where Kobe was remembered the day of his death, at the 62nd Grammy’s, by Alicia Keys and others.

Kobe’s father is nicknamed Jellybean.

Now keep in mind Lil Wayne is 37-years-old.  *157, 37ht prime

The Lakers played Portland the day he was remembered.  *The Lakers lost by 8 points…

Damian Lillard, born July 15, or 15/7, was the top performer in the game.

Oregon is the 33rd State and only that sums to 74 (Portland, Oregon)


Again, the real King James died at 58, and King James, LeBron, has EVERYTHING to do with this ritual, as we have well covered.