Linda Tripp, who taped Monica Lewinsky, dead at 70, April 8, 2020

Celebrity Government Murder by Numbers

Linda Tripp, dead at 70. Add her to the list of celebrities, dead during the time of the coronavirus pandemic, having the “coronavirus numbers”.

She died on her 137th day of her age, a big Washington D.C. number.

Don’t forget that Bill Clinton’s father was found dead on the side of the road, May 17, 1946, the 137th day of the year.

The death comes while Monica Lewinsky is 46-years of age, and Bill Clinton is 73.

She died a span of 107-days from Monica’s 47th birthday *Impeachment = 107
She died 133-days before Bill’s 74th birthday
*President = 133 *White House = 133 *Government = 133

And because 102 and 201 are ongoing number riddles with the coronavirus pandemic, coming after Event 201, I’ll note she died 201-days before Hillary’s 73rd birthday.

For one last point, notice she was fired January 19, or 1/19, like 119, from the Pentagon, the structure that would be impacted later that year in the massive “77 ritual”, September 11, 2001, another 119 date.

Her full name is Linda Rose Tripp.

Recall, Flight 77, hit the 77′ tall Pentagon, 77-minutes after taking off, and Washington D.C. is located on the 77th Meridian West.