Matt Keough, Oakland Athletic, dead at 64, days after his daughter Kara Keough-Bosworth loses her child

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Matt Keough has died May 1, 2020, what is the 121st day of the year in non-leap-years.

May 1, 2020 was a date with 46 numerology.

5/1/2020 = 5+1+20+20 = 46

His daughter lost her child on April 6, or 4/6, or 6/4.  Read more about that here:

He died 63-days before his birthday, or a span of 64, at age 64.  *Kill = 65

*Major League = 63 *Major League Baseball = 63

In light of the daughter losing the child on April 6, it was the 97th day of 2020, connecting to death, and the team her father played for, the Oakland Athletics.

Recall how in 2019, the A’s opened the season by losing 9-7 to the Mariners.  *Mariners = 97

Another interesting point, is how this death syncs up with Kyle Bosworth’s 33rd birthday, the husband of Kara Keough.