May 6 In History | Chinese Exclusion Act, King Edward VII, Works Progress Administration, Hindenburg Disaster, World War II, Italy Earthquake, Bank of England & England Post Office Bomb

Coronavirus History

May 6 is going to be the date of a very significant event, coming 56-days after March 11, the date the WHO declared a coronavirus pandemic, and precisely 201-days after Event 201, October 18, 2019.  Again, Event 201 was the coronavirus outbreak simulation.

As you read about the events in May 6 history below, remember the phrase, “history repeats itself”.

Notice the Chinese Exclusion Act was enacted May 6, 1882, 138-years earlier.  Consider ‘Donald Trump’ has referred to the coronavirus as the “Chinese Virus”.

May 6 is a fitting date for a member of the Royal Family to die.

The date can be written 5/6, or 6/5.

He died 179-days after birthday.  *179, 41st prime *King = 41

The virus is believed to be from China.  The Olympics have been postponed / canceled for the first time since World War II, and they were hosted by Japan then, just as they are to be hosted by Japan this summer.  May 6, 2020 will be the 96-year anniversary.

May 6, 2020 will be the 85-year anniversary, and with as many people that are bound to lose their jobs due to businesses going under, there could be a similar program coming in the near future.

*World War = 102

Of course the first World War targeted Germany, and so did the second World War.

*LZ = 38 *Germany = 38 *America = 129 (Jewish)

May 6, 1945 was one day before the official surrender of Germany in World War II.

May 6, 2020 will be the 44-year anniversary.

Keep in mind Italy has been one of the most hard hit nations from coronavirus.

The Pope at that time was Paul VI.

He ended up dying August 6, 1978.  *Jesuit = 78

In light of him becoming Pope just before JFK’s assassination, a man who was killed at age 46, it is likely not an accident he died 46-days after the anniversary of becoming Pope.

You could also say he died on the 47th day since the anniversary.

The earthquake was 223-days after the Pope’s September 26, 1975 birthday.

Notice how Natural Disaster sums to 56 and 223.  56 is like the date May 6, or 5/6.

Notice how Bank of England syncs with May 6, or 6/5, like 65.

As we know, this contrived pandemic in 2020, has much to do with Switzerland, the U.K., and the bankers.

Notice the bank is 325-years-old at this time.

May 6, 1997 had 127-date numerology.

5/6/1997 = 5+6+19+97 = 127

It was a fitting date for a bomb.  Keep in mind 2001 was 19-years ago, and the moon is on a 19-year cycle.

5/6/2001 = 5+6+20+01 = 32

Notice the Gematria of London Post Office.

Bavarian Illuminati = 188 / 80

The Bavarian Illuminati’s birthday is May 1, the day leaving 244-days left in the year, and this year they turn 244-years-old, having been established May 1, 1776.

And since this was related to the post office, think about the percentage shift of consumer shopping that has moved online in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.  Of course, online sales generate mail deliveries.