Melinda Gates refers to coronavirus outbreak as an “experiment”, April 12, 2020 news

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In this interview and article, Melinda Gates is quoted referring to the coronavirus outbreak as an “experiment”…

Recall, Event 201, the simulation that kills “65 million” over the course of 18 months from coronavirus, was conduced October 18, 2019, on Melinda Gates’ 65th day of her age, and of course, she was married to Bill, January 1, 1994, 65-days after Bill’s birthday. 65 is a special number to the ‘Knights Templar’ and ‘Switzerland’, where Bill predicted this event on January 22, 2017 in Davos. It’s not an accident the trial vaccine was made in “65 days” and is being tested in Seattle (where B&M Gates are) or that Trump signed the stimulus a span of 65-days from speaking in Switzerland. He was at the World Economic Forum January 21 (same day first case of corona showed up in Seattle where B&M Gate Foundation is) and he signed the stimulus March 25.  Keep in mind the World Economic Forum co-hosted Event 201 with B&M Gates.   

*Pandemic = 16+1+14+4+5+13+9+3 = 65

*Switzerland = 65 *Knights Templar = 65 *Year of the Rat = 65