Michael Jordan’s flu game and his April 19, 2020 ESPN special, ‘The Last Dance’

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*Irresponsible = 82 *Game = 82 *NBA’s 82 game season *2/17/63 = 2+17+63 = 82

Notice the emphasis on ‘flu game’, in might of this being a joke during the coronavirus ‘pandemic’… which is a joke in itself.

Jordan scored 38-points in the ‘flu game’.

*The Boule = 38

And let us not forget the relationship with ‘Michael Jordan’, ‘Utah Jazz’, and ‘The National Basketball Association’.  Of course, his flu game was against the Jazz, like how ‘Kobe Bryant’, another ‘113’, finished his career against the Jazz.

Let us not forget the NBA suspended play on March 11, or 11/3, after the Utah Jazz’s Rudy Gobert supposedly tested positive for the virus.

The man who put out the tweet first, C.J. Toledano, has the right name for a ‘flu’ joke.

March 20 was Michael Jordan’s 33rd day of his age as well.

*Masonry = 33 *Secrecy = 33 *Order = 33 *Kobe = 33

Read about Jordan’s father dying 33-days after he won his 3rd NBA Finals: https://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2016/07/23-33-death-of-michael-jordans-father.html

Keep in mind Michael Jordan has a new documentary releasing on ESPN, April 19, 2020, 62-days after his birthday.  

The date April 19 can be written 4/19, like 419, the 81st prime.


That date is also 84-days after Kobe’s death, or a span of 85.  Regarding 84, that is the year Jordan was drafted, 1984.  And with regards to 85, ‘basketball’ sums to 85. Remember, the first March Madness was in ’85.

Notice it is also 2-months and 24-days, reminding of Kobe’s Memorial, February 24, which Jordan spoke at, and cried at, with sincere emotion.

With regards to the February 24 memorial, on the 55th day of the year, the documentary comes 55-days later, the number that is significant to The Boule.

Read more about The Boule and 55 here:  https://gematriaeffect.news/sigma-pi-phi-the-boule-and-the-number-55-where-greek-isopsephy-meets-english-gematria/

The 1-month and 26-days later might also remind you of the day Kobe Bryant died, January 26, the 37-year anniversary of Bear Bryant’s death.

For one last point, the name of the special is ‘The Last Dance’.

Think of all the “68 players” we’ve covered who have supposedly caught the ‘Wuhan’ coronavirus.