Microsoft’s A Plague Tale: Innocence video game, and the spread of Wuhan Coronavirus, plus first U.S. case being outside Seattle

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Get a load of that, Microsoft, the company HQ’d just outside of Seattle, where the first case of Coronavirus was discovered in the U.S., made a video game about surviving the plague, May 14, 2019, a span of 213-days from the first case of Coronavirus being documented in China, December 12, 2019.  Of course, ‘death’ sums to 213.

5/14/19 = 5+14+19 = 38 (Video game release date)

Read about the 38 confirmed cases of Coronavirus outside of mainland China on January 25, 2020, the first day of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rat;

Keep in mind Patient Zero was found on Bill Gate’s 46th day of his age.

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Patient Zero was found on Gate’s 46th date of his age, 64.

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Once upon a time, Bill Gates was the CEO of Microsoft for 33-years *Bill Gates = 33; Corona = 33

From the release of the game, to the date it was confirmed the virus was spreading in China, December 31, 2019, was 33-weeks on the nose, or 231-days, and May 14, the release date, leaves 231-days in the year.

*New Year’s Eve = 142

*Coronavirus = 142

*Year of the Rat = 142

Moving on, from the release of the game, to the first case of Wuhan being documented in the United States outside of Seattle, was 253-days, the 22nd triangular number, connecting to the ‘gematria’ of ‘Wuhan’.

5/14/2019 = 5+1+4+2+0+1+9 = 22 (Release date of game)

*22 is the master builder number in numerology

1/21 = 1+21 = 22

Notice how 1/21 not only connections to ‘Coronavirus Outbreak’, but also ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’.

In light of Wuhan showing up in Seattle, as the first documented case, outside of Mainland China, notice the gematria of ‘Innocence’ and ‘Seattle’.

All of this matters because Bill Gates, the Seattle area billionaire, is known for speaking on controlling the earth’s growing population.  Listen to this clip from nearly a decade ago, and if you’re short on time, skip to 2:25 in the video:

Of course, the mainstream media is already busy saying there is no connection between Bill Gates and the spread of coronavirus, and that such rumors are conspiracy theory hoax.

The Pirbright Institute has since come out and said that the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation did not fund this research, but still, the Bill & Melinda Gates has funded other projects of theirs, including this recent study, so there is a link.

Be sure to take a peek at this video from Bill & Melinda Gates which states the world’s current population is 7.4 billion:

For one last point, let us not forget that Washington State is the 42nd state, and Bill Gates is Mr. Vaccine. Keep an eye on what is to come in the Year of the Rat, with the ‘coronavirus’.

And speaking of which, there are 42 people now confirmed dead in China, January 25, 2020, New Year’s Day in the Year of the Rat.