Mike Pence staffer tests positive for coronavirus, May 8, 2020, one day after Trump valet tests positive

Coronavirus Government News

The coronavirus czar has a case close to him!  Sound the alarm! Blast the “Trump-Pence”!!!


Today is exactly 48-weeks after the 48th Vice President’s birthday, or you could also say it is his 337th day of his age, which is the 68th prime number.  Remember, the term coronavirus was coined in 1968.  *Donald Trump = 48. *Donald John Trump = 68 *Wuhan = 68

Today is also 30-days before his upcoming birthday, or 4-weeks and 2-days.

*Staffer = 75 *Valet = 75 *Order Out of Chaos = 75

Keep in mind today is May 8, reminding that Trump and Pence won the “58th U.S. Presidential Election”. And I’ll add, since Trump made his debut to Queen’s “We are the Champions”, maybe he’ll “Bite the Dust”… If that’s the case, let his tombstone read, “Here lies the proud pussy grabber who was celebrated by white trash from sea to shining sea.”

Update: Her name has been released as ‘Katie Miller’.

Masonic = 74 / 115

Year of the Rat = 182

Government = 52; White House = 52; President = 52

Virus = 46 / 89

Wuhan Coronavirus = 93

Corona = 33