MIND CONTROL and the Psychological Aspect of Corona Virus

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At the heart of what the human race has been and is currently facing, is mind control.

To have power of people one has to control their perceptions. Project MK Ultra is a Nazi-assisted CIA trauma-based mind control program that achieves absolute control over the subject’s mind, thoughts and actions.

Government agencies, psychiatric institutions, secret societies, elite families and cults practice MK Ultra-style trauma-based mind control.


An MK Ultra subject and mind-slave is called a MONARCH. The CIA’s Project MK ULTRA officially morphed into Project MONARCH.

Project Monarch is named after the Monarch butterfly which has become the most common symbol of mind-control. A butterfly literally becomes another entity after previously being a caterpillar. This is a metaphor for the “new person/people” that an MK Ultra Monarch becomes.

PSYCHE (Greek goddess)

The Greek goddess PSYCHE is depicted with butterfly wings. This is another reason for the butterfly as a mind-control symbol.

Monarch is a key element of the current Corona-zeitgeist: Corona means “crown” in Spanish. In English MONARCHS are CORONAted.


There is an on-going ROYALTY theme to the Corona virus zeitgeist.

This dove-tails with MONARCH as both a mind-control term and a royalty term.

Kobe Bryant lead into the corona virus headlines. He is reported buried at CORONA Del Mar, California.

Born in Philadelphia and ending up in L.A., he is compared to the Fresh PRINCE of Bel Air.

The day before his death he was passed — on the NBA all-time scoring list — by KING James (LeBron James) in Philadelphia.

Bryant had a tattoo of a crown (corona) with a (Monarch) butterfly crest.

His memorial was heavily themed with Monarch butterflies. This is an indication that he (and his wife and daughter most likely) are MK ULTRA Monarchs.

Also an indication that the entire episode is a psychological operation on the public.

The Corona virus panic creates the only psychological condition under which people will accept a circumstance that they would otherwise reject or actively fight against.

This circumstance is world-wide authoritarian subjugation bereft of human sovereignty; perfectly acceptable when the only alternative is slow, torturous annihilation.

There has been a bewildering panic rush on toilet paper word-wide.

Gematria reveals the psy-op behind the phenomenon.

The psychological-operation behind pandemic-hysteria is admitted to in the sub-title of 2011’s Contagion movie: NOTHING SPREADS LIKE FEAR.

It is not a biological virus that is spreading; it is a psychological virus that is spreading.

BRAIN-COMPUTER INTERFACE: The High-Tech Future of Mind Control

From Forbes.com:


Again, different fields (cinema and science) but the same essence; MIND CONTROL, manifests in Gematria: