MLB star Tony Fernandez, dead at 57, February 16, 2020

Murder by Numbers Sports

Sadly, this is likely the first ‘World Series’ clue for the upcoming 116th World Series in 2020.

He has died on February 16, or 16/2, like 162.  *47th day of the year

His full name also sums to 162.

He died 33-weeks after his 57th birthday, and 135-days before his upcoming.

He died 39-days before the start of the MLB season.  *New York = 39

He played for the Yankees and Mets in his career.

He died 247-days before the start of the World Series.  *Atlanta, Georgia = 247

I will need to comb over MLB team and city Gematria, because there could be other connections I am overlooking.  But with regards to Atlanta, if Jimmy Carter bites the dust, remember, he was used in an Atlanta Braves playoff ritual last year that had much to do with “39”.  *Cumberland = 39