Murder by Numbers Sports

Sadly, this is likely the first ‘World Series’ clue for the upcoming 116th World Series in 2020.

He has died on February 16, or 16/2, like 162.  *47th day of the year

His full name also sums to 162.

He died 33-weeks after his 57th birthday, and 135-days before his upcoming.

He died 39-days before the start of the MLB season.  *New York = 39

He played for the Yankees and Mets in his career.

He died 247-days before the start of the World Series.  *Atlanta, Georgia = 247

I will need to comb over MLB team and city Gematria, because there could be other connections I am overlooking.  But with regards to Atlanta, if Jimmy Carter bites the dust, remember, he was used in an Atlanta Braves playoff ritual last year that had much to do with “39”.  *Cumberland = 39