Moderna shares surge May 7, 2020 as FDA approves Phase 2 Trial of coronavirus vaccine

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Last night, to conclude the May 6, 2020 episode of TFR on YouTube, I predicted we would see some big vaccine news because the date was 5/7, like 57, and what do you know, Bill Gates backed Moderna stocks are surging today because the FDA has approved their vaccine for a Phase 2 Trial.

Remember, Moderna also sums to 70, like ‘coronavirus’, and the trial vaccine is being administered in Seattle, Washington, where the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is, and where the first case of the virus was confirmed in the U.S., after being found in Snohomish County.

Notice FDA sums to 70 and 16, and this news comes on a 16 date numerology. 5/7/2020 = 5+7+2+0+2+0 = 16

To watch the May 7 “vaccine” prediction, go to 3:14:16 in this video.