Mr. Peanut Dead, January 22, 2020 news, for Super Bowl 54

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Wesley Snipes, Super Bowl 54?

Now notice how ‘Mr. Peanut dead’ fits in.

Notice, this news is related to Super Bowl 54, the 50th of the modern era, between San Francisco and Kansas City, and it comes January 22, or 1/22.

Keep in mind Chiefs sums to 50, and this is their first Super Bowl in 50-years.

Related, don’t forget the numbers on Shakira, who is performing in Super Bowl 50:

*And notice the emphasis on ‘dies’ above. The word sums to 71, and this Super Bowl will come exactly 71-weeks after the September 23, 2018 meeting between the 49ers and Chiefs, their last. 71 is also the 20th prime, and here we are in 2020. *Death=20