Murder by Numbers | Maeve Kennedy & her son found dead in 25-feet of water, April 6, 2020, by the police

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Read prior post on disappearance if Maeve Kennedy and her son:

Maeve Kennedy’s body was found Monday, April 6, emphasis on 4/6, like how her relative, JFK, was killed at age 46.

Notice how they mention 25 feet of water and about 2.5 miles from her mother’s residence.  The number 25 connects to death, and this news came on the 97th day of the year, the 25th prime.

Remember, they were in a ‘canoe’ and this happened in Shady Side, Maryland.

Don’t overlook that it was the ‘police’ who found her body by the numbers. Just like it was the band ‘The Police’ who supposedly wrote the song ‘Murder by Numbers’. These things go unchecked because it is the authorities that are responsible, from the police, to the coroner, to the government.