Nas’ artist Kiing Shooter dies from coronavirus, May 5, 2020

Celebrity Coronavirus Murder by Numbers

A Nasty Nas artist is dead from coronavirus? Nasty rituals.

Don’t forget Nas sums to 47.

He will turn 47-years-old this year.

His label, ‘Street Dream’, sums to 47 and 70. *Coronavirus = 70

Notice, this man was born on July 25, or 25/7, like 257, the 55th prime, and he died on May 5, or 5/5, Cinco de Mayo.

The number 257 connects to ‘blood sacrifice’.

He died a span of 82-days from his birthday, from ‘COVID-19’.


The name Kiing Shooter sums to 66, like ‘corona’.

Of course corona means crown, and he was the ‘King’, or Kiing…

Last, his birth name summed to 62, like ‘sacrifice’ and ‘Faustian Bargain’.

Keep in mind he died at age 24, the reflection of 42.