New York Gov. Cuomo extends social distancing to May 15, 2020, America’s “new normal” & Trump says states can reopen when surveillance systems are in place (trust the plan?)

Coronavirus News

“New normal” is the new big brother / mainstream media buzzword.

*New Normal = 115 / 43 / 128 / 47

*Masonic = 115 / 43 *Independence Day = 128

And notice, Cuomo, the 56th Governor of New York, extends social distancing to May 15, or 15/5, like 155, the two year anniversary of Clade X, the pandemic exercise.

*Chris Cuomo = 56 (His brother with the virus, a cable TV news anchor).

CORONA = 3+15+18+15+14+1 = 66

WEST = 23+5+19+20 = 67

In “God” We Trust.  What Biden said is code for “International Bankers”.

“They’re even more obedient than we thought!  If we told them to eat shit they would!  Ha!” 

– Health Metrics Experts

Big Brother wants to make sure the surveillance systems are in effect!

EMPIRE = 5+13+16+9+18+5 = 66

CORONA = 3+15+18+15+14+1 = 66

We’ll see who has the surveillance systems ready to go first!  What a race!

This is what Google and Apple are working on, “contact tracing”.  I wonder how many in Q are still trusting the plan, which is a clear continuation of PNAC, which included 9/11, and building the surveillance state. *Contact tracing = 58 *Trump, Mr. 58