NHL’s Brian Glennie dies the same day Maple Leafs pick up their 65th points, February 7, 2020

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This death has everything to do with the NHL and the Toronto Maple Leafs, coming on 7/2, like 72.

This man died on his 163rd day of his age (38th prime), on the 38th day of the year.

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The Maple Leafs picked up their 65th points the day of his death.

We’ve seen this before.

Keep in mind he died at age 73.

Read more about Brian Glennie’s career here:

The last team he played for was the LA Kings, for his final season, after playing the rest of his career with the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Also noteworthy is that he wore #24 for Toronto, and Canadas sums to 24, reminding that the Toronto Raptors won the first NBA Championship for Canada in their 24th season, June 13, 2019. Adding insult to injury, he died a span of 240-days from June 13, 2019.