Nick Gordon’s cause of death released, February 6, 2020, and blamed on ‘heroin overdose’ +Whitney Houston to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Murder by Numbers

Read about Nick Gordon’s January 1, 2020 death by the numbers here:

Read about Whitney Houston’s Hall of Fame Induction January 15, 2020 here:

Notice his death is blamed on ‘heroin’.

Recall, Whitney Houston died on the 42nd day of the year, February 11, 2012, and Nick Gordon recently died on January 1, 2020, a date with 42 numerology.  1/1/2020 = 1+1+20+20 = 42

Now his cause of death is released in Black History Month, February, the one summing to 42, and the one used agains and again in black murder rituals. RIP 5th Ward Weebie who just died at age 42, 42-days from his own birthday, and the many others who have found the same fate.

Notice ‘heroin’ also sums to 30, matching his age of death.  *Overdose = 113 (30th prime)

Adding insult to injury, they waited to put out the case of death until February 6, or 2/6, like 26, the 37th day of the year.

Further, ‘heroin overdose’ sums to 206, not far off from 26, and matching ‘sacrifice’.

Keep in mind, February 6 can be written 6/2, like 62, as well.  *Faustian Bargain = 62

And last, the announcement came 86-days before the May 2, or 5/2, like 52, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony.

Notice how his name, Nick Gordon, sums to 52.

*Don’t forget Dwayne Johnson, the Rock’s father died January 15, 2020, the date the inductees were announced, and his birthday is May 2.