Patrick Mahomes says he ‘spoke it into existence’ regarding Super Bowl 54 win, +February 6, 2013 tweet


What a great tribute to Kabbalah and Genesis…

Notice the emphasis on ‘spoke it into existence’.

Never forget this headline from ESPN, owned by Disney, September 3, 2019:

As for the ‘Genesis’ part, don’t forget the Super Bowl was on the 33rd day of the year, February 2, and ‘Patrick’ Mahomes became the 33rd QB to win the Super Bowl in NFL history.

As for the ‘Disney’ piece, the Chiefs won with 31 points.

And don’t forget the deaths of the real “Remember the Titans” team during the 2019-2020 team, a story made into a Disney film. Of course, the Chiefs advanced to the Super Bowl over the Titans.

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3:19?  Masonic = 319

Notice that tweet was made on a date with 41 numerology.

2/6/2013 = 2+6+20+13 = 41

Mahomes improved to 4-1 in the playoffs by defeating the 49ers in the Super Bowl after taking the lead for the first time on his 41st pass, connecting with #26, becoming 26/41 in the game.  Last year Brady won the Super Bowl at age 41, and the year before that the Eagles won with 41 points.