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Sacrifice fulfilled at Mid-Winter rituals: Super Bowl and Academy Awards

91 163

PHOENIX is a major theme at the moment, especially with Joaquin Phoenix, star of the international phenomenon, record-breaking JOKER movie, poised to take 2020’s highest honor for an actor: the Academy Award for Best Actor.

Joaquin Phoenix initially was not his family’s top celebrity and best-known actor. That honor went to his older brother River Phoenix whose untimely death is reported to have occurred on Halloween of 1993 at the age of 23.

Is Joaquin Phoenix‘ monumental success the fulfillment of the purpose of his brother’s sacrifice? River Phoenix could be the ritual center of a High-Holy, Mid-Winter 8-day-span from Super Bowl Sunday (2-2-2020) to Academy Awards Sunday (2-9-2020).

163 is the key to the code of the River Phoenix ritual. In Gematria “River Phoenix” sums to 163.

An episode of the paranormal investigation show “Ghost Adventures” titled “The Viper Room” claims to have contacted the spirit of River Phoenix in the Viper Room Hollywood night-club, the location of his death. That episode aired on July 8th, 2017.

The full episode can be seen on Youtube.

River Phoenixdeath-anniversary that year was Halloween October 31st, 2017.

July 8th was chosen as a date to air the episode because it is 16 weeks, 3 days (16,3) before October 31st. Again: In Gematria “RIVER PHOENIX” = 163.

October 31st, 2017 also has synchronicity with the date July 8th; written 7-8: The numerology of October 31st, 2017 (10 + 31 + 20 + 17) = 78

Also notice that the show is “coincidentally” given a 7.8 rating.

The investigators in the episode claim to capture the voice of River Phoenix saying the phrase “I GET CONFUSED.”

This is remarkably similar to what some people report as the death-bed last words of famed elite magician Aleister Crowley: “I AM PERPLEXED.”

The crucial scene in “Ghost Adventures” where River Phoenix’ voice is purportedly captured

The two phrases synchronize in Gematria:

River Phoenix’ brother Joaquin has reached the summit of superstardom by playing DC Comics’ Joker, whose traditional signature phrase (although not used by Phoenix’ Joker) is “WHY SO SERIOUS?”

Observe how well these three phrases sync over multiple cyphers:

This suggests that there is either a magical element to gematria and/or conscious calculation and manipulation of words and phrases by the powers behind popular culture who also have power beyond pop-culture.

A major ritual-in-the-guise-of-news is the manufactured controversy and furore over the post-game, on-field interview between San Fransisco 49ers quarter-back Jimmy Garoppolo and married female Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews. The drama centered around Garoppolo’s utterance of the phrase “FEELS GREAT, BABY.”

Jimmy Garoppolo’s phrase is so publicized that it is the center of a marketing campaign:

Garoppolo’s comment was a response to Erin Andrews’ question regarding the 49ers having just achieved an 8-0 record on the season. Her question was “HOW’S THAT FEEL?”

The phrase has synchronicity in Gematria with those of River Phoenix, Aleister Crowley and the Joker.

There is a reason that the River Phoenix, Aleister Crowley, Joker phrases synch with those of Erin Andrews and Jimmy Garoppolo: they are part of the same over-arching ritual.

The Jimmy Garoppolo-Erin Andrews ritual took place in the city of PHOENIX.

The Cardinals had just hosted the 49ers – in only NFL game scheduled that night; a special night because it was Halloween night and the anniversary of the death of River Phoenix.

River Phoenix was ritually linked to the National Football League and the Super Bowl at the time of his death in 1993.

He was born on August 23rd, a date that leaves 130 days in the year. 130 is the date of the Super Bowl following his death.


January 30, 1994 is 91 days after River Phoenix‘ death (October 31st, 1993).

91 is the Gematria value of “Phoenix” and his full original name “River Jude Bottom.”

The location where River Phoenix died is called The Viper Room. It was previously named Rue Angel when in 1950 a fire broke out. The date of the fire was the 9th of January; a date written 91, like 91 the gematria code of “Phoenix” and “River Jude Bottom.”

This is not the only time the 91 code (in the form of the date 9th of January) has been deployed in a Phoenix ritual. In 1988 The Economist magazine featured a cover story about a future world currency called the Phoenix. It was published on the 9th of January.


As strong as 91 is, the key number to the River Phoenix-Super Bowl-49ers synchronicity-in-ritual is the number 163.

From River Phoenix‘ 2019 birthday (8/23/2019) to the upcoming Super Bowl (2/2/2020) is 163 days.

River Phoenix was officially pronounced dead at 1:51 am. “One fifty one” sums to 163 in Gematria.

He died at twenty three years-of-age. “Twenty three” sums to 163.

His wake was held at the Miami Funeral Home, a name that sums to 163.

MIAMI is the location of the 2020 Super Bowl.

Joaquin Phoenix – who could be the beneficiary of his brother’s blood sacrifice – has reached elite levels of superstardom by playing the Joker. The Joker themes line-up with River Phoenix in the 163 gematria code.

A protest-slogan from the Joker movie — which has been imitated in some real-life political protests around the world — is “WE ARE ALL CLOWNS.”

“WE ARE ALL CLOWNS” sums to 163.

The official release date of Joker is 4th of October, 2019, a date that when spelled out sums to 163.

Joaquin Phoenix‘ most recent movie role before Joker was Jesus Christ in 2018’s Mary Magdalene. That movie’s release-date was 16th of March, a date written 163.

Remember that Jimmy (James) Garoppolo and the San Fransisco 49ers played the only NFL game on the Halloween anniversary of River Phoenix’ death in the city of Phoenix. Garoppolo’s publicized post-game-interview phrase “Feels great, baby” synchronizes in Gematria with the phrase allegedly said by the spirit of River Phoenix, as well as with the Joker‘s catch-phrase.

“James Garoppolo” and “Forty niners” both sum to 163.

On Veteran’s Day (11/11/2019) after a 24-27 overtime loss to the Seattle Seahawks, Jimmy Garoppolo‘s record as a 49er went to 163.

“Veteran’s Day” sums to 163 in Gematria.

In 2019 Joaquin Phoenix’ Joker movie won the GOLDEN LION award at the prestigious Venice Film Festival. “Golden Lion” sums to 163 in gematria.

River Phoenix‘ 2019 birthday (8/23/2019) – that is 163 days before the next Super Bowl (LIV on 2/2/2020) – would be his 49th. Like 49ers.

The 8-day span of February 2nd (Super Bowl Sunday) through February 9th (Oscar Night) — occurring during the ancient traditional High Holy mid-winter ritual season — could, on an occulted level, be centered around the 1993 sacrificial death of River Phoenix. Gematria suggests so.