Pope Francis, 83, cancels event due to illness, during coronavirus outbreak, February 27, 2020 news

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*This post is inspired by this YouTube video:

This news was printed February 27, 2020, the 58th day of the year.

Notice they point out his age, 83.  *Murder = 83


Don’t forget the gematria overlap with ‘Wuhan’ and ‘Italy’.

Pope Francis put out this tweet on March 1, 2020.

That was 75-days after his 83rd birthday.

Keep in mind The Simpsons, known for predictive programming, has an episode about the death of the pope, which aired September 29, 2019, 79-days before Pope Francis’ 83rd birtday.

In light of the recent news about the pope cancelling his plans on the 58th day of the year, the pope made his debut on The Simpsons in an episode with a title summing to 271, the 58th prime.

The debut episode was February 21, 1991, a date with 25 numerology, and also, the 52nd day of the year: https://simpsonswiki.com/wiki/Oh_Brother,_Where_Art_Thou%3F

2/21/1991 = 2+2+1+1+9+9+1 = 25 *Pope = 25 *Death = 25

Here are some clips from Season 31, Episode 1, which features the death of the pope. First, Marge goes to a mailbox, #502, and receives a letter from the pope.

The letter is from Angelica D’Amico.

*97, 25th prime *Pope = 25 *Death = 25

Notice the name Angelica D’Amico sums to 83 in reverse, matching the Pope’s age.

The words on the card ‘Infallibly Yours’ sum to 205, a bit like 25. 

*Pope = 25

The words ‘Infallibly Yours’ also sum to 74, the masonic signature.

As for the number 205, it reminds of the date of May 2, which can be expressed as 2/5, or 5/2.

In non-leap years, May 2 is the 122nd day of the year.

Since 2020 is a leap year, May 1 will be the 122nd day, and it will be 2,606-days after Pope Francis became the 266th Pope. Consider the Bavarian Illuminati establishment anniversary is May 1, and they were created to fight the Jesuits, who Pope Francis is a member of.

*Also consider the pope’s debut on The Simpsons’ was February 21, or 2/21, similar to 122 in reverse.

Read about the Jesuits, 266 and 122 here:


This year on May 1, the Bavarian Illuminati will turn 244-years-old, and May 1 leaves 244-days left in the year. Also, the Bavarian Illuminati was established in 1776, a leap year.

*May First = 51 *Adam Weishaupt = 51 *Conspiracy = 51

*May First = 105 / 111 *Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 105 / 111

Think about George Washington penning the letters expressing his fears the Bavarian Illuminati had infiltrated the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in the late 1700s.

Read about the 32nd Degree of the Scottish Rite and Jesuits here:


On another subject, recall the burning of Notre Dame and al-Aqsa Mosque, April 15, 2019, the 105th day of the year, 118-days before Tisha B’Av, August 11, 2019, where Israeli police attacked Muslim worshipers with ‘tear gas’.  *Tear Gas = 118

From April 15, 2019 to May 1, 2020 is a span of 383-days, the 76th prime.  *San Francisco = 76

San Francisco is a sister city of Paris, and named after St. Francis of Assisi, same as Pope Francis.

This is a location to keep an eye on on the date of May 1, 2020, a date with 46 numerology.

5/1/2020 = 5+1+20+20 = 46

May 1 will also be Pope Francis’s 137th day of his age.

*137, 33rd prime

We began with the Pope getting sick on the 58th day of the year. Full circle.