Rob Gronkowski agrees to come out of retirement to play with Tom Brady and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, April 21, 2020 news (One day after penis compliments)

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Read these prior posts about Tom Brady’s departure from New England, to sign with the Bucs, in light of the 9/11 and Knights Templar rituals taking place at the same time, connecting with the coronavirus / banker scam: and

This news comes April 21, 2020, the 112th day of 2020, a leap year.  Today is also precisely 49-weeks after Rob Gronkowski’s birthday.

*NFL = 49 *America = 49

Today is a span of 293-days to Super Bowl 55, February 7, 2021.

293 is the 62nd prime number.

*139, 34th prime *241, 53rd prime (Patriots = 53) **** 34+54 = 87 *Tight End = 87

Today is 35-days after Tom Brady announced he was leaving Patriots for Tampa Bay, March 17.

8/3/1977 = 8+3+1+9+7+7 = 35

Oh, and for a bit more 35, there was this yesterday… Brady compliment Gronkowski’s penis with the word ‘amazing’.

4/21/20 = 4+21+20 = 45 *New England = 45 *Ritual = 45

“On March 20, after 20 seasons”.  Keep in mind, in non-leap-years, March 20 is the 79th day of the year, and Tampa Bay sums to 79.  Speaking of which, today’s news comes 79-days after the Super Bowl, connecting to ‘Tampa Bay’.

Today is 343-days (49-weeks) after G’s birthday, his 344th day of his age.

*NFL = 49 *America = 49 *Super Bowl = 49

Today is 23-days before his upcoming birthday, or a span of 24.  *Brady = 23

Today is 262-days after Brady’s birthday, his 263rd day of his age.

Today is 104-days before his upcoming birthday, or a span of 105.

Recall, 263 is the 56th prime, and both numbers are big in the ongoing coronavirus rituals.

56 also connects to ‘Gronkowski’.

And last, this news comes 1-year and 28-days after Gronk’s retirement, or 56-weeks and days.

*Gronkowski stats:

Gronk’s next game will be #116 (like the next World Series), and 116 connects to Brady’s full name.

*Robert James Gronkowski = 115