ROYALTY: A Central Theme Continues In First Elite Corona Virus Death

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While many elites, celebrities and public figures have been presented (practically celebrated) as Corona virus patients, none have actually died. Lorenzo Sanz – former president of Spanish and world football giant Real Madrid – is the first “elite” reported to have died from the virus.

“Real” is Spanish for “royal.”

This is in keeping with an occult ritual theme of the event: Crown/royalty.

Corona means “crown” in Spanish. Below is the world-famous Real Madrid logo.

Kobe Bryant, an integral element of the grand ritual, sported a crown tattoo on his right shoulder and is buried in CORONA Del Mar, California.

He is said to have died on the same day as WWE ROYAL rumble.

Being born in Philadelphia and ending up in Los Angeles, Kobe Bryant is compared to the Fresh PRINCE of Bel Air.

KING James (LeBron James) passed Bryant on the NBA all-time scoring list in Philadelphia the day before he died.