Royce Freeman, the 47-year-old victim of the Victory City Church shooting in Riviera Beach, FL, February 1, 2020

Mass Shooting News

I missed this story when it happened, but it has been brought to my attention now.

2 dead, 1 injured, on February 1, or 2/1.  

Notice the deceased was 47-years-old, Royce Freeman.

His age, plus the gematria of his name, Royce Freeman, not to be confused with Freemason, is very similar to Victory City, the name of the church, and also very similar to Christian and Christianity.

Building on the list of numerical parallels, is the name of the town, Riviera Beach.

What’s funny is the name of the church was changed on October 18, the day leaving 74-days left in the year…

Don’t forget, in most cases, the same people run the church, that run the police force, government, and media.  That is the Masons.  *Masonic = 74