Science changes the date of patient zero for Novel Wuhan Coronavirus from December 12, 2019, to December 1, 2019 +Express writes about biblical prophecy of coronavirus on March 9, 2020

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Science has changed the date of patient zero for the coronavirus, from the original date of December 12, 2019, to 11-days earlier, December 1, 2019, emphasis on 12/1, like 121.  Again, it was the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that sponsored Event 201, which simulated a coronavirus outbreak, October 18, 2019.  Keep in mind, the first case in the U.S. was discovered in Seattle, Washington, January 21, 2020, a date written 1/21, like 121.  This matters because of Gematria.

*Revelation = 49 *Washington = 49

In other words, these people are “end times” engineers, creating mass hysteria intentionally.  As I write this, here is another coronavirus / revelation breaking headline.

As for this headline coming on September 3, or 9/3, notice the emphasized words, ‘return of the plagues’.  It sums to 93, like ‘propaganda’.

Take a gander at the article below and notice the mentioning of the breaking of the seals from Revelation, and then recall that on this same day, you had the death of the actor who starred in ‘The Seventh Seal’.  Read about Max von Sydow’s death here: