Sean Reinert, Cynic / Death / Aeon Spoke drummer, dead at 48, unexpectedly, January 24, 2020

Murder by Numbers

Again, it is the drummer, dying mysteriously.

Sean Reiner died on his 243rd day of his age, and was a founding member of the band Cynic, summing to 54.  We have seen a a number of rituals in the past year connecting 243 and 54, and seemingly all in the lead up to Super Bowl 54, which takes place February 2, 2020. Keep in mind, the United States of America is 243-years-old at the moment.

The news broke on January 25, or 25/1, like 251, the 54th prime.

Read about the death of Darryl Drake:

The relationship with 243 and 54 is through the planet Venus.

In the film Spinal Tap, the drummers struggle to stay alive.

Also, notice, he was also in the bands Aeon Spoke and ‘death’.

Read more about 38 and death here:

And notice death was founded in ’83, meaning the band was in its 38th year of existence.

As for dying on the 24th, it connects to his surname, Reinert, as well as his first name, Sean.

It was a date with 65 numerology as well.

1/24/2020 = 1+24+20+20 = 65

As for passing at age 48, that connects to words including ‘evil’, ‘Freemason’ and ‘Illuminati’.