Seattle vehicular traffic down 57% on May 7, plus a focus on Dr. ‘Kevin Hanson’

Coronavirus News

Notice, on May 7, when this announcement was made, the Mayor Jenny Durkan stated the closures have dropped vehicular traffic by 57%.  Amazing.  I suppose the 20 miles of closures in 2020 is a coincidence as well.

Another May 7 story out of the Seattle area was the doctor with the 57 name gematria, Kevin Hanson.

What’s funny about the Seattle area getting this focus on May 7, is that it is 107-days after the first case of coronavirus was confirmed in the United States, in Seattle, which was January 21.

*Earthquake = 107 *Seattle = 107

Epicenter is typically terminology used regarding earthquakes, and science has been saying Seattle is due for one.