Secretariat wins virtual Kentucky Derby, May 2, 2020, 47-years after winning real race

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Secretariat, summing to 47 in gematria, won the virtual Kentucky Derby on a date with 47 numerology, 47-years after actually winning.  Go figure.

2/5/2020 = 2+5+20+20 = 47

When Secretariat won, he was the first Triple Crown winner in 25-years.  Consider the date of this virtual race was May 2, a date that can be written as 2/5, like 25.

And don’t forget, he was a Triple Crown horse, summing to 144, and reminding that the last Triple Crown horse was in the 144th year of the Triple Crown being a possibility.

You’ll notice, the only horse with a 47 connection, was Secretariat.