Skateboard legend Jeff Grosso, dead at 51, March 31, 2020, for unknown reasons

Celebrity Murder by Numbers

Jeff Grosso is dead at 51.

He died March 31, 2020, emphasis on 3/31, like 331, the 67th prime.

Notice, they don’t know why he died…

As for the mention of Tony Hawk, he is 51-years-old right now.

The death came 42-days before his birthday, or a span of 43, and on a date with 74 numerology. 3/31/2020 = 3+31+20+20 = 74 *Freemason = 42

Read about the very ‘masonic’ death of Mark Hubbard in Seattle, a professional skater:

He died 28-days before his upcoming birthday, April 28, what is typically the 118th day of the year, in non-leap-years.  That said, he was born in a leap year, and he died in a leap year.

*Kill = 28 *Death = 118