Snoop Dogg goes after Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey in defense of Kobe Bryant, February 6, 2020

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On February 6, 2/6, like 26, the media had to give us a black-on-black story with Kobe ‘Bryant’ at the center, the man who reportedly just passed on the 26th of January, and on the anniversary of the death of Bear Bryant.

This news came on Gayle King’s 41st day of her age.

Of course, Kobe reportedly died at 41, and was remembered that night by Alicia Keys at the Grammy’s.

Again, 41 was the number that defined Kobe.

In his 666th game, when he scored 81, his team scored 41.

In his last game, when he scored 60, his team scored 41, and he came out with 4.1 seconds left.

He died 41-days after JoAnn Buss.

He died on Pope’s 41st day of his age.

He died a span of 41 days from Shaq’s 48th birthday.

His chopper reportedly took off at 9:06 and crashed at 9:47, 41 minutes later.

And the list goes on…

Also, this news came 109-days after Snoop’s birthday.  *Los Angeles = 109

It also came 8-days after Oprah’s birthday.  *Kobe, #8

Today, February 7, 2020, is 41-days after Gayle King’s birthday, and she did not show up for CBS This Morning.