Super Bowl 54 Riddles | 49ers vs. Chiefs, February 2, 2020


Notice, the Chiefs advanced to the Super Bowl 35-24, 59 combined points.

Super Bowl = 35 (Septenary); Football = 35 (Chaldean)

The Packers scored 35 points in Super Bowl I, beating the Chiefs.

As for the 59 combined points, that’s the ‘negro’ number, and again, ESPN called this the year of the black quarterback in September 2019, just before the season began.

Notice, it is Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson in the picture, and Lamar Jackson began the season by scoring 59-points in Miami, where Super Bowl 54 is to be played.

And don’t forget this “59 story”, with the black gunslinger, in the Aaron Rodgers jersey:

That story was from May 15, 2019.  5+15+20+19 = 59

Perhaps the black gunslinger in the Rodgers jersey was supposed to be Patrick Mahomes, recall, that story was out of Appleton…

Recall, last year, in the 99th NFL season, Tom Brady got his 99th career away win in Arrowhead Stadium, winning with New England.  New England = 99

Also recall, for this entire NFL season, State Farm has been running commercials with Mahomes and Rodgers, and one of the latest is called 

One of the latest in that series is Gabe’s Worst Nightmare, where everything is ‘red’, like the Chiefs and 49ers. Red = 27; Miami = 27

With regards to the name Gabe, keep in mind that the Conference Championships were played January 19, 2020, a date with 15 numerology.

1/19/2020 = 1+1+9+2+0+2+0 = 15

On this day, #15, Patrick Mahomes, made the Titans 1-5 in Conference Championships…

And the 49ers won…. defeating Rodgers.

My favorite stat from the box score is the 112-yards rushing for the Chiefs.

Recall, in Season 5 of Ballers, which concluded during this current NFL season. The Rock buys the Chiefs.

That show concluded October 13, 2019, 112-days before the Super Bowl.

His character is named Spencer Strasmore.

The Rock is 47-years-old at the time, like how the show ran 47 episodes, and like how the first Super Bowl was in the 47th NFL season, where the Packers defeated the Chiefs. Rock = 18+15+3+11 = 47 

As for the 49ers and Packers NFC Conference Championship game…

Notice the combined 57-points.

Last weekend, the Divisional Round, I told people the safest parlay was 49ers to beat Vikings and Packers to beat Seahawks, because then the Packers would play the 49ers in San Francisco, 57-days after last getting their ass kicked in SF by the 49ers on November 24, 2019.  Again, 57 is the “championship” number and in this game, it totaled 57-points, 37-20.

The Hall of Fame QB for the 49ers and Chiefs was once Joe Montana, and his birthday is 131-days from the Super Bowl, 11/6, or June 11, like the 116-points scored in the AFC & NFC Conference Championships.

He will turn 64-years-old, reminding that the Super Bowl is exactly 64-weeks after Patrick Mahomes beat Len Dawson’s ’64 TD passing record, November 11, 2018. *Kansas City Chiefs = 64

Recall, Montana beat Miami in Super Bowl 19, 38-15 (54 points), and this is the 2019-2020 season.

As they say, it is a QB driven league.

And in that breath, the QB with more fanfare, Patrick Mahomes, will play in the Super Bowl on the day leaving 333-days left in the year.

And for another thing to consider, Alex Smith, who played for the 49ers and the Chiefs, and who mentored Mahomes, broke his leg in a brutal ritual, November 11, 2018, the 322nd day of the year, with JJ Watt, born March 22 on top of him, and he did it 33-years to the day of Joe Theisman, on the same spot on the field, and on the same team. Now we have a meeting of his two former teams coming on the 33rd day of the year, the 49ers and the Chiefs, in Super Bowl 54. He was on the Redskins when the injury happened…

And in light of the 57-points, and the fact that Alex Smith was taken #1 in the NFL Draft, over Aaron Rodgers, humiliating Rodgers at the time, let us not forget that Alex Smith was born May 7, or 5/7, or 7/5, because this is the 49ers 75th season, and the last time they won the Super Bowl, was in the NFL’s 75th season, when they won over the Chargers, 49-26, with 75-combined points.

*His injury came 441-days before the Super Bowl.

*441, Square Root 21 & 49ers = 21

For one more 57, the cameras seemed to not come off 57-year-old 49er great, Jerry Rice, during the NFC Championship, who was celebrating non-stop. His 57th birthday was October 13, 2019, 112-days before the big game, the same day the TV show Ballers concluded.

*Super Bowl = 112 *Chiefs = 112

Also important, the 49ers and Chief last played September 23, 2018, 71-weeks before the Super Bowl. 71, 20th prime (2020 Super Bowl)

That date had 50 numerology as well. 9+23+18 = 50

Again, Super Bowl 54 is the 50th of the modern era.

The reason Donald is there, is because as we often see, sports are synced with politics, and in the time of Donald Trump’s presidency, each Super Bowl has been in connection to him. This time, it is Trump vs. Nancy Pelosi (from San Francisco) in the impeachment showdown, and Trump is “The Chief”. What a show it all is! Donald = 50 / 112 and Chiefs = 50 / 112

Adding insult to injury, the Super Bowl comes 133-days before Trump’s birthday.

The Super Bowl is 138-days after Patrick Mahomes’ birthday and we just saw the Nationals win the World Series 138-days after Trump’s birthday.

And for my favorite stats from the 49ers box score…

Raheem Mostert, the 49ers running back, born April 9, or 4/9, which will be the 100th day of 2020, for the 100th NFL season, set a 49ers record when he got 202 yards rushing, and then finished the game with 220-yards, on his way to the Super Bowl on 2/2.

The 42 rushing attempts are cute as well, going with the 42-yard field goal to finish the game.

Also comical was Jimmy Garoppolo’s 77 passing yards vs. Green Bay, enough to win in a blowout.

What a birthday for a 49er, 4/9.

And Jimmy G. has the right day for a ‘Super Bowl’, 11/2.

The number games don’t end there, but this post will.