Super Bowl 54 rigging foretold by ESPN, September 3, 2020 +WAY MORE


Shakira (halftime performer) revealed all:

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September 3 can be written 9/3, like 93.

Notice, in Black History Month, February, Lamar Jackson won League MVP on the 1st, and Patrick Mahomes won the Super Bowl and Super Bowl MVP on the 2nd.

Adding insult to injury, Mahomes had 42 passing attempts, joining the “42 club” of Black QBs to have won the Super Bowl, including Doug Williams who won with 42 points with the Washington Redskins after tossing 4 TDs in the 2nd Quarter, and Russell Wilson, who represents Washington State, the 42nd State, winning with the Seahawks.

*42 points scored in NOLA in college championship *NOLA = 14+15+12+1 = 42

*Super Bowls 48 and 54 were the only ever played on the 33rd day of the year

Consider the three teams to have won with Black QBs.

Washington Redskins (Natives)

Seattle Seahawks (Seattle is named after Native Chief Seattle)

Kansas City Chiefs (Natives)

Keep in mind the U.S. is 243-years-old.

And notice the following.


The Chiefs improved to 15-4 for the season by winning the Super Bowl, and made the 49ers 15-4.


251, 54th prime (Super Bowl 54)

64 / 98

The Chiefs have now scored 64 points in Super Bowls, and allowed 62.

31+23+10 = 64 (Scored)

35+7+20 = 62 (Allowed)

Keep in mind, Doug Williams is 64, and this Super Bowl is synced with Montana’s 64th birthday.

It was the Joe Montana Bowl.

The 49ers fell to 5-2.

There were 52 points scored in Super Bowl 22, won by Doug Williams, the first Black QB to do it.

The head ref for Super Bowl 54 was Bill Vinovich, #52.

With the 49ers scoring 20 points, it brought them to 239 scored in the Super Bowl all-time.

And recall the riddles with the Rock and Super Bowl 54, including his father’s death and his show Ballersr, where he buys the Chiefs, in a show that concluded 112-days before the Super Bowl.  His birthday is May 2, or 5/2… like 52.

As for his show Ballers concluding 112-days before the Super Bowl…

Did you liked it when they stopped the clock with 1:12 after the Chiefs put it away?

And for one more 52, they scratched Roman Reigns, the 49ers fan, from winning the Royal Rumble.

Keep in mind Tom Brady became 5-2 in Super Bowls beating Atlanta, the same year the Royal Rumble had a Boston area wrestler beating an Atlanta wrester, and Philadelphia won Super Bowl 52, the same year Philadelphia hosted the Royal Rumble.  *REMEMBER THIS IN THE FUTURE.

Super Bowl 54 was the 50th of the modern era, and the Chiefs ended their drought of 50-years against the perfect opponent.

As we discussed numerous times, the 2s were with the Chiefs.

The 49ers got their 2nd Super Bowl loss.

The Chiefs got their 2nd Super Bowl win.

The 49ers got their 22nd Playoff loss.

The 49ers got their 222nd loss total in the modern era.

Andy Reid got his 222nd career win.

It is exactly 222-weeks since Kansas City won the World Series, November 1, 2015.

The Chiefs were the 2 seed, the 49ers were the 1 seed.

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