Super Bowl 54, the “Impeachment Bowl”, Donald Trump vs. Nancy Pelosi

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The Super Bowl is the Kansas City Chiefs (Commander and Chief) vs. the San Francisco 49ers, the team from the city Nancy Pelosi calls home.  Of course, the impeachment has much to do with Donald vs. Nancy.  In that breath, Super Bowl 54 is February 2, 2020, a span of 54-days from Nancy Pelosi’s 80th birthday.

Making matters more interesting, the Super Bowl is also a span of 134-days from Trump’s upcoming 74th birthday, connecting to the gematria of ‘impeach’ and his slogan, ‘Make America Great Again’.

Also noteworthy, the star of the Chiefs is Patrick Mahomes, and the Super Bowl is 138-days after his birthday, plus Mahomes went to White House High School…

Recall the 138 riddle with the Washington Nationals winning the World Series October 30, 2019, 138-days after Donald Trump’s birthday, the same day Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats brought the impeachment inquiry out from behind closed doors.

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