Terry Jones of ‘Monty Python’, dead at 77, January 21, 2020

Murder by Numbers

Terry Jones of Monty Python has died at age 77, January 21, 2020, the date that can be written 1/21, like 121.  Notice how Terry Jones and ‘blood sacrifice’ fit in.


Notice he died 11-days before his February 1st birthday.  121, square root of 11

The name Monty Python isn’t too far off, summing to 112.  Of course, the date can be written 21/1, like 211, or 112 in reverse.

As for dying at age 77, that is the ‘theater’ number, and he nearly made it to 78.

And for one last familiar number, he died on a date with 62 numerology.

1/21/2020 = 1+21+20+20 = 62

The number 62 corresponds with the gematria of ‘faustian bargain’, or a deal with the devil. Read on.

In light of the reference to Satan, keep in mind the news come January 22, or 1/22.

Let us not forget that the Church of Satan was established in San Francisco, summing to 122, a city located on the 122nd Meridian.

And notice this tribute to his passing with an image of Terry Jones making devil horns, by THE DAILY BEAST.

In light of him passing January 21, or 21/1, like 211, the 47th prime, let us not forget ‘beast’ sums to 47, and so does ‘Doctor Faustus’, of the Faustian Bargain.