Coronavirus Entertainment Predictive Programming

Notice this clip released July 13, 2003, a date with 43 numerology, connecting to the gematria of ‘pandemic’. Of course July 13 can be expressed as 13/7, like 137, the 33rd prime. Watch a compilation of clips from this episode in the video below. *In this clip you’ll hear references to “virus”, “China”, “coronavirus” and “Chloroquine”. Can you say predictive programming for what we’re living out in 2020?

The date July 13 ties in perfectly with the ‘Chloroquine’ reference.

Chloroquine also overlaps with ‘pandemic’.

7/13/2003 = 7+13+20+03 = 43

Notice Anthony Fauci responded to chloroquine use on April 3.

7/13/2003 = 7+13+20+03 = 43 *Pandemic = 43 / 65 *Chloroquine = 65

Last, the name ‘The Dead Zone’ syncs with ‘COVID-19’.