THE GREATER RITUAL Part 1: Death of Kobe Bryant in Broader Ritual Context

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The ritual death of Kobe Bryant is just one of several related events – of varying magnitude – that are all part of one over-arching grand mystical project which I will call

Those who have followed Zachary K Hubbard’s work on this site and other platforms will know that the most salient of all the numbers associated with the Kobe Bryant ritual death is the number 41. In Gematria’s purest cypher; PYTHAGORIAN or FULL REDUCTION the name “Kobe Bryant” sums to 41.

Kobe Bryant‘s initials are K.B. He played professionally in the city of L.A. Not only do “K.B.” and “L.A.” both sum to 41 in gematria, they match across all four base ciphers. They both sum to 13. The 13th prime number is 41. Bryant’s daughter Gigi who was reported to have died in the crash was 13 years old.

In Bryant‘s last NBA game before retirement, he scored 60 points against the Utah Jazz and left the game with 4.1 seconds remaining. Like 41.

The name of the crashed helicopter pilot is Ara Zobayan which sums to 41.

He died the day of Grammy Awards headlined by Alicia Keys. “Alicia Keys” sums to 41.

Bryant won an Oscar for his short animated feature DEAR BASKETBALL, which sums to 41.


In the aftermath of the Kobe Bryant death the premature demise of another celebrity has been brought up in comparison: The musician Prince. As with Kobe Bryant, the number 41 featured prominently with Prince.

Prince died on April 21st, 2016, (4/21/16) a date with 41 numerology.

Prince performed at Super Bowl XLI (41).


Those familiar with Zach Hubbard’s analysis of the grand ritual of 911 will know that the number 41 featured prominently in that, the grandest of episodes of public sacrificial ceremonial magic:

September 11th, 2001 is a date with 41 numerology.

The two principle countries involved were Saudi Arabia and the USA. The event was attributed to Al Qaeda.

911 involved The Pentagon whose construction started on 9-11 in the year ’41

Bear Bryant (born 9-11)

The name of this all-time-great college football coach is hugely significant to Hubbard’s analysis since Bear Bryant has the same last name – and died on the same date as – (January 26th) Kobe Bryant.

Since 911 is central to THE GREATER RITUAL Bear Bryant’s 911 birthday makes him an essential element.

The Tropical (Sun-based) Zodiac and Ruling Planets

The tropical zodiac is the popular Western 12-house zodiac which is based on the Solar Cycle; the position of the sun throughout the year.

The tropical zodiac is key to the greater ritual. Kobe Bryant is a key element of the greater ritual; facts revealed by Gematria.

THE RULING PLANET; The most important element of the tropical zodiac.

Each zodiac sign is said to be ruled by a planet (or planetoid Sun, Moon). The zodiac signs of GEMINI and VIRGO are ruled by the planet MERCURY.




Because MERCURY rules GEMINI and VIRGO, people born in those signs of the tropical zodiac will the principle characters. Kobe Bryant, born August 23rd is a VIRGO. Kobe Bryant represents MERCURY. Just as Prince represents MERCURY being a GEMINI born June 7th.

MERCURY is also a deity; An Expression of an Ancient Archetype.

An archetype is an original entity on which multiple ensuing entities are based. The ensuing entities are all expressions of the same archetype.

Roman Mercury; the Messenger of the Gods; a god who transcends the spiritual plane to manifest in material form to impart knowledge to mankind for its spiritual, mental and physical evolution.

Before Roman MERCURY was Greek HERMES whose progenitor is the Egyptian/Kemetian TOTH/DJEHUTI. Persian ZORASTER/ZARATHUSTRA and Christian JESUS CHRIST are also expressions of the archetype. Christianity states that divine knowledge of the birth of Christ was given exclusively to MAGI from the East(Persia) who are high priests of ZOROASTRIANISM.

September 11th, The Real Birthday of Jesus Christ

In 1978 Christian Pastor and Meteorologist Ernest L. Martin – primarily using astronomy – published his scientific study on the real birthday of Jesus Christ in his book The Birth of Christ Recalculated. The date he concluded was September 11th, 3 B.C.

This would make Jesus Christ a VIRGO representing MERCURY, synchronizing with the Messenger-of-the gods archetype.


“Jesus Christ” is a Roman term coined when they created the institutional religion of Christianity. Yeshua, Yahushua or Emmanuel would have more likely been his original name.

Ritual deaths of MERCURY – involving people who are Gemini or Virgo – are symbolic crucifixions.

MERCURY: God of Thresholds and Transition

The archetypical Hermes/Mercury/Djehuti is a god of transition periods, borders, boundaries and thresholds.

The planet MERCURY is only visible from Earth at dawn and dusk; the transition periods of night-to-day, and day-to-night.

Thoth/Djehuti is said to have determined where the soul would go after death. This decision was made in a transition area called The Duat.

In Revelation 22:16 (KJV) Jesus says:


A major historical transition period (in astrological terms) is end of one age and the beginning of another. MERCURY is a god of transition periods and thresholds, Jesus/Yahushua is Mercury, hence he manifested at the end of the Age of Aries, and the beginning of the Age of Pisces. The sign for Pisces is fish, hence the Ichthys “Jesus fish” symbol.

Now we are between the end of the Age of Pisces and the dawn of the Age of Aquarius; time for the god-of-transition to manifest.

This could mean a collective “Christ Consciousness” spiritual, mental, physical awakening if not a physical manifestation of an entity or entities.

In Luke 22:10 (KJV) Jesus alludes to the future Age of Aquarius:

The symbol for Aquarius is a man bearing a pitcher of water

A new age (or aeon) brings a shift in human consciousness and change in the world’s power-structure. The most salient characteristic of THE AGE AQUARIUS is revelation; information that was previously restricted to an elite few comes to light to the general public.

The most significant development at the dawn of the age of intellectual awakening is the internet. Thus, internet adresses have Aquarius signs WWW.

The purpose of the individual rituals that make up THE GREATER RITUAL is to alter the natural course of the new age. The deity MERCURY ushers in new ages.

MERCURY; The god of Travelers and Transportation

The deity Hermes/Mercury is also the god of travelers and transportation. The most vivid mainstream acknowledgement of this is the sculpture titled Transportation on the Southern facade of the most famous transportation hub in the world: New York City’s Grand Central Terminal.

The planet MERCURY rules GEMINI. The deity MERCURY rules TRANSPORTATION. A symbol of GEMINI is TWINS. The twins of Gemini are named CASTOR & POLLUX.

Again the Bible supports this: in the book of Acts 28:11 (NIV), narrated by Luke traveling by ship to spread the Gospel:

The sidereal rotation period of the planet Mercury is 58.6 Earth days. That is the length of time it takes for Mercury to complete one 360 degree turn on its axis.

Mercury‘s orbital cycle is 87.9 days which is why 88 is also a Mercury number.

With the ability to recognize the purpose of – and the characteristics of – Mercury Rituals, we can now analyze recent and past events – and popular culture – in broader context.

In Part 2 we will decode the Kobe Bryant death, events surrounding it such as Royal Rumble and the Super Bowl, as well as past events like 911.