The Greater Ritual Part 5: THE SERPENT

Christianity Esoteric Rambo's Corner

The symbol that unifies the Djehuti/Thoth/Hermes/Mercury archetype is the SERPENT/SNAKE.

MERCURY represents duality and polarity. The snake represents both positive and negative.

Hermes/Mercury carries a Caduceus staff (below) that contains two snakes coiled around a rod.

The progenitor of Hermes/Mercury is Kemetian/Egyptian Djehuti/Thoth who carries two staffs, each with a snake coiled around it.

The ancient Peruvian Inca expression of the Jesus/Hermes/Mercury/Djehuti/Thoth archetype is AMARU, represented by a feathered serpent (below).

Like Kobe Bryant’s BLACK MAMBA nickname, Tupac Shakur’s middle name AMARU is a reference to the serpent aspect of the archetype. Shakur’s birth sign of GEMINI is a Mercury reference like Bryant’s VIRGO.

Jesus Christ – a.k.a. “the Son of Man” – compared himself to a serpent as quoted in the book of JOHN 3:14 (NIV)



Thoth/Djehuti taught that Kundalini is a dormant potential spiritual energy force in all humans. It is analogized as a coiled snake situated at the root of the spinal column. As one’s consciousness rises the snake uncoils and winds up the spinal column.

Thoth/Djehuti and Mercury are of the same archetype. KUNDALINI matches “MERCURY” in the most salient 41 Gematria value. 58 is the sidereal rotation period of the planet Mercury.

A powerful mystical symbol of Ancient Kemet/Egypt is the Djed Pillar (below). With vertebrae-like features, it represents the spinal chord. DJED PILLAR sums to 179 which is the 41st prime number.

Kundalini energy is said to rise up the spinal chord, then enter the brain where it stimulates the pineal gland and opens the “third eye” leading to the highest state of consciousness. Some call it “Christ consciousness.”

There are 33 vertebrae. Christ dying at age 33 could be seen as a metaphor. Jesus is said to have been crucified on a hill named GOLGOTHA (from Hebrew Gulgoleth) which means “SKULL”

The brain and the pineal gland are in the skull.

The name DJEhuti (Thoth) gives us DJEd pillar. A highest-consciousness person becomes a JEDI.

Rituals like the Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant death are performed to suppress human consciousness and to symbolically kill the messenger of spiritual knowledge and truth.

The plethora of Mercury rituals that make up the greater ritual are being performed to mitigate the effects of, or outright prevent the Great Awakening that is said to be the essence of the coming Age of Aquarius.