The Purge films in light of New York going into lockdown, March 22, 2020 & Donald Trump’s current election year campaign

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Read my older work on the film The Purge:

Notice the films debuted June 7, or 6/7, like 67. 

*The Purge = 46 *Virus = 46 *Chaos = 46 *6/7/2013 = 6+7+20+13 = 46

Does the symbol remind you of Switzerland’s flag?

In the film, the purge begins annually, on March 21st, at 7:00 PM local, and ends March 22, at 7:00 AM local.

As we have been covering, 322 and 223 have been recurring numbers with the encoding of the ‘Novel Coronavirus’ headlines, and we predicted March 22 was a day to lookout for in terms of lockdown nationwide, which is a theme in the film.  As of Friday, March 20, 2020, it has been announced by the Governor of New York that the state is going into lockdown the evening of Sunday, March 22, 2020.

Further, notice the third film is titled Election Year, and here we are. Further, notice the slogan in that film is ‘Keep America Great’, which is Trump’s current campaign.

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