The Queen’s reference to the 1939 song ‘We’ll Meet Again’ in her April 5, 2020 coronavirus address, another World War reference & Vera Lynn, who was 102 when the “pandemic” began

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The Queen made these remarks on Sunday, April 5, 2020.  The date can be expressed as 4/5, like how World War II ended in 1945.  Recall, on this same day the Surgeon General said the week ahead would remind of World War II’s Pearl Harbor, and also 9/11.  Read more here: and here:

Notice how Vera Lynn sums to 39, going with her 1939 song, the year World War II began, the continuation of the ‘Great War’.

The title sums to 127, like how ‘Pearl Harbor’ took place on December 7, or 12/7, and in New York, on 9/11, buildings 1, 2 and 7 fell.

Recall, this year May 6,, 2020, is the 127th day of the year, and it is precisely 201-days after Event 201 took place, the coronavirus outbreak simulation, and 201-days after the Military World Games began in Wuhan China.  Both events were October 18, 2019.

Keep in mind May 6 can be expressed 5/6, or 6/5, like 56 and 65.

*World War = 102 (201 in reverse)

Don’t forget Google accidentally leaked May 6 as the start date for World War III:

Also interesting, Vera Lynn was 102-years-old when this outbreak began.

She turned 103 on March 20, 2020. We’ve seen a number of people die in connection to 103 in recent times, including Kirk Douglas in February.