Third NYPD member dies from coronavirus, March 28, 2020 news

Coronavirus Murder by Numbers News

Detective Cedric Dixon sums to 201 and 102.  Think Event 201 and ‘social distancing’, or ‘102’, as well as Spanish Flu, which began 102-years before 2020, the year of the coronavirus pandemic.

Read more about 102 and the coronavirus here: and here: and here:

Notice they mention he was a 23-year veteran.

Notice, the ‘custodian’ also died, and his surname is Dickson, not to be confused with Dixon.  Dick jokes? *Dick Joke = 68 *Wuhan = 68

*Cuomo is the 56th Governor of New York.

And don’t forget how much the California Governor likes the number 56.

And then the third person has a name summing to 93.