Tiger Woods makes 24-foot, 8-inch Eagle at Genesis Invitational, February 13, 2020

Murder by Numbers Sports


This comes on Friday, February 13, or 2/13, and name of the tournament sums to 224, like how they’re honoring Kobe in LA, the (213), on 2/24, February 24.


Again, Giana wore #2, and Kobe wore #24.

Further, the tournament name sums to 89, the 24th prime, matching the gematria of ‘Eagle’.

Not only did he hit a 24-foot, 8-inch eagle at Riviera, but he did it at a tournament that is honoring Kobe on Hole 8, named ‘Mamba’ for the tourney.

Notice above the emphasized phrase, ‘Ironic, isn’t it?’

Tiger Woods has 84 career wins right now:


It is the Masons who have a logo consisting of instruments of mathematics and measurement.

The phrase also goes with the alternate name of the tournament, the Los Angeles Open.

This accomplishment at Riviera came on Woods’ 46th day of his age.

*Execution = 44 / 46 (Today is the 44th day of the year and Woods is 44-years-old)