TobyMac’s son’s cause of death, revealed January 21, 2020

Murder by Numbers

Read about the death of TobyMac’s son here:

The cause of death for TobyMac’s 21-year-old son, is released on the 21st day of 2020, 1/21, like 121, and probably not by accident.

Keep in mind TobyMac is a Christian rapper, and today can be written 21/1, like 211, the 47th prime.

As for the overdose, his name, Truett Foster McKeehan, sums to 113, like ‘overdose’.

The news comes a span of 91-days from his death, corresponding with his artist name Shiloh.

Shiloh means ‘peace’, having Gematria of 21, corresponding with his age of death, and today being the 21st of the month.

If you don’t count the span of days, the news comes 90-days after his death.

Of course, sacrificing the son for the father is a Biblical concept.