Tom Cruise to shoot next movie in International Space Station with NASA, May 6, 2020 news

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This news comes May 6, 2020, 58-days before Tom Cruise’s upcoming birthday, which matters, because NASA was established in 1958, and not by accident.

Not only was NASA born in ’58, but the first man to walk on the moon was born on August 5, or 5/8, like 58.

What makes Tom Cruise the ideal candidate for a movie shot in ‘outer space’ is his name gematria.

Tom Cruise was born Thomas Mapother.


And don’t forget, Tom Cruise is the same guy who divorced three wives, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz and Katie Holmes, all at age 33.

Keep in mind, May 26, 2020, is the 127th day of the leap year (and 1-month 27-days from Tom’s birthday).

Read more about 57, NASA and Hollywood here:

The only question that remains, is will they shoot at Area 51?

5/6/2020 = 5+6+20+20 = 51