Tom Hanks starred in Larry Crowne (2011), where his character is nicknamed Lance Corona

Coronavirus Entertainment

We’ve covered Tom Hanks coronavirus diagnosis in light of his films Sleepless in Seattle, Inferno, Angels & Demons and Da Vinci Code. Now we have another one to add to the list, Larry Crowne, where he plays the character with the nickname Lance Corona. Of course, corona means crown in Spanish, and the Event 201 simulation of a coronavirus outbreak, was compared to the Spanish Flu of 1918. *The simulation took place on the 18th of October and simulated 18-months forward.

Don’t forget Event 201 took place on the day leaving 74-days left in the year, October 18, 2019, or that Tom Hanks reported he was losing to his wife by 201-points in ‘Gin Rummy’. *Gin Rummy = 96 *Corona = 96

His Instagram with the mention of Gin Rummy, was captioned with a picture of a corona typewriter: