Trump declares national emergency, March 13, 2020 +Rumors of lockdown / martial law

Coronavirus Financial Government Police State

Donald Trump, once said to be the 133rd richest man in the world, had to go fora big move on March 13, or 13/3.

March 13, 2020 is also 52-days after the first case was found in the U.S., January 21, 2020.

Notice it is 1-month and 21-days as well.  We have covered a lot of ‘121’ with the coronavirus outbreak.  *Coronavirus Outbreak = 121

The date of this announcement was a very ‘coronavirus’ / ‘pandemic’ worthy date.

3/13/2020 = 3+13+20+20 = 56

The date can be written 3/13, like 313, the 65th prime.

Further, it was the ‘perfect’ day for a ‘state of emergency, March 13, 2020, the 73rd day of the leap year. Keep in mind, Trump is 73-years-old.

Even more, this came 93-days before Trump’s 74th birthday.

Notice the gematria of CNN’s front page headline, at the top of the page.

So that’s the new juice for the market?  A national emergency?  The DowJones climbed nearly 2,000 points, after falling by more than 2,000 the day prior.