Trump’s real estate developer friend dies from coronavirus, April 11, 2020

Coronavirus Government Murder by Numbers News

This news broke April 12, 2020, a date with 56 numerology, and being the day leaving 263-days left in the year, the 56th prime.

*4/12/2020 = 4+12+20+20 = 56

He died on his 173rd day of his age, the number belonging to the Knights Templar, who are central in this contrived pandemic.

He died a span of 65-days from Trump’s upcoming birthday.

*Trump and Chera were ‘real estate’ guys.

Don’t forget, Trump signed off on the $6.2-trillion stimulus March 25, 2020, a span of 65-days from speaking to the World Economic Forum, January 21, 2020, in Switzerland, the same day the first coronavirus case in the U.S. was confirmed.  Keep in mind, January 21, 2020 was a date with 62 numerology.  1/21/2020 = 1+21+20+20 = 62 *Mason = 62 *Dollar = 62

Trump mentioned his friend Stanley Chera was sick, March 29, or 29/3, like 293, the 62nd prime.

The name Stanley Chera sums to 67, like ‘blood sacrifice’, or ‘Wuhan’.