Two women dead, 2-year-old injured at Texas A&M shooting

Mass Shooting

I spy a 113.

Read more about 113 here:

No one identified.

No suspect.

Sounds legit.  If you’re a sheep.

The 10:17 pops too, very specific.

About 67 miles northeast of Dalllas?  Killer detail.

Texas A&M has that ’43’ gematria, corresponding with ‘active shooter’.

43 also connects to killing.

It happened in a ‘residence hall’, also corresponding with an A.S. and ‘killing’.

Notice how Texas A&M University fits in.


Keep in mind, today is the 34th day of the year, right for ‘murder’.

The 33 is also present in this one.

This story comes the day after Super Bowl 54.  Notice they said this happened at Pride Rock residence hall.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the Texas A&M hoops team because of the reporting of “two” women and a “two” year-old.  *Basketball = 22