Vanessa Bryant files lawsuit against Island Express Helicopters, same day as Kobe Bryant Memorial, February 24, 2020

Boule Murder by Numbers Sports

What jumps out right away, is that the name of the company sums to 115, like ‘masonic’ and ‘killing’.  Keep in mind, The Boule, which Kobe was a member of, established May 15, 1904, is 115-years-old at the time of his death.

Keep in mind the Boule’s official name, Sigma Pi Phi, sums to 55, and this story as well as Kobe Bryant tribute is coming on the 55th day of the year, February 24.

Don’t forget Kobe Bryant died on January 26, the 257th day of the Boule’s 115th year of being.

And Kobe’s and Gigi’s number factor into their date of death, January 26, as well as the ‘Boule’.

2/24 = 2+24 = 26

Ara Georgia Zobayan?  What a name.  Remember, Kobe died at 41.

As for that full name…